About TCG Public Affairs

Mike Klassen, Principal

Through his experience in business, issues advocacy, political campaigning, and in the non-profit sector Mike has built a network that includes many of British Columbia’s make-it-happen leaders. As a small businessperson and public policy innovator he is known as a ‘doer’, recognized for his communications and presentation skills, his creative problem-solving, and for his stakeholder relations abilities.

Mike has built a personal reputation as a Vancouver-area influencer with strong relationships in TV, radio and print media, in addition to being a prominent voice in social media. Mike is known for his keen interest in smartly planned cities and the creation of dynamic public spaces.

Among the clients where Mike has served in an advisory capacity are:

  • The Government of British Columbia
  • City of Vancouver
  • British Columbia Wine Institute
  • B.C. Care Providers Association
  • Global Civic Policy Society
  • Resource Works Society

For more details read Mike’s LinkedIn profile to learn about his career experience, board and community service, and other acknowledgements.